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M2.0 Mindfulness Works Auckland CBD

Glenda facilitates the intermediate level course she wrote for Mindfulness Works.  4 Tuesday evenings for 1 hour at Peace Place, 22 Emily Place, Auckland CBD.


The Mindfulness 2.0 course is an innovative approach mindfulness and meditation.  The course is based on your own experiential learning, core formal meditation, personal development practicing with others,  and the core components of well-being, safety, satisfaction and connection.

SAFETY – Understand and feel what it is like to be OK with our experience, even in difficult times. Learn to rely more and more on your own presence for your own well-being.

SATISFACTION –  Realise you are OK – just as you are, even if your mind is saying something different. Discover the real benefits and joys of a regular formal meditation practice.

CONNECTION – Feel connected to something bigger than yourself and feel greater intimacy with yourself life and with other people.