Offering a host of paths to Mindfulness




Courses in mindfulness practices offered as group workshop experiences: mindfulness practices and meditations for rest and relaxation techniques, stress relief, interventions for over thinkers, and working with emotional struggles. These workshops are conducted over a 3-week duration – one-hour sessions with guided meditations and readings to support participants. Workshops are tailored to the areas of interest:

  • General Mindfulness Introduction

  • 2nd Level Mindfulness – The 4 Foundations of Mindfulness

  • Relationships and Mindfulness

  • Parenting (Parents only)

  • Child & Parent (as used by The Gifted Children’s Association)

  • Corporate emphasis

  • Sleep and Deep Relaxation

  • 7 Hungers of Mindful Eating (from work by Jan Chozen Bays)

Also visit for other models of course work at which Glenda is lead facilitator.

One-to-One Consultancy

East and Central Auckland. Sessions are one hour in duration. Mindfulness and a coaching edge in this client-based, proactive exploration of specific issues:

  • Relationships

  • Emotional issues

  • Life Plans

  • Doubt

  • Sleeplessness

  • Eating behaviours

  • Work/Life Balance

  • Fear of flying

  • Anxiety

  • ‘Stuckness’

  • Career progression

  • Parenting

  • Moving through milestones - retirement, changes in health, relationship breakups








One off Workshop

Price on application One hour to 90 minutes, introduction to, and experience of, meditation and mindfulness practices. Meant as an informative reveal to what mindfulness is, and how it is a support to those who use it.

Course of workshops

$120 per participant 3 or 4 workshop model (relevant to your timeline), teaching mindful practices for use in mental wellbeing.

$125 per participant Mindfulness Works Official Follow Up Course ‘M2.0’ ~ Glenda authored this course for Mindfulness Works. She facilitates it in Central Auckland and East Auckland. Learn the skills taught in M2.0 by the actual author of the course! Copy this link for your browser and sign up for intermediate level tuition:

Womens’ Mindfulness Workshop

$50 per participant Every last Saturday on the month. 2 hour workshop has guided meditations and open forum for women to direct questions and discuss using mindfulness in their daily lives.

Child and significant Adult ‘Jasmine and the Silent Student’

Child led (and focused) mindfulness lessons to assist with overwhelm, schooling, anxiety, sleeplessness, behavioural distress… ‘Jasmine and the Silent Student’ is a model whereby; both the child and their ‘parent’ learn mindfulness and meditation together. Adult is silent as the child goes on to explore this non-intrusive path to resilience and emotional intelligence.

$60 for child and significant other (note: I subsidise this model of work; in my commitment to my philosophy that all children deserve a stable living environment).

One to One Session with Glenda

$100 per session Mindful guidance via coaching and therapy. One hour sessions in which you may learn how to use mindfulness practice or deepen using your practice on a particular issue. Available in East Auckland or (upon arrangement by email) Central Auckland. Also available via Skype & Zoom.

1:1 Mindfulness & Relationships

$250 mini workshop Receive your personalised coaching of the mindfulness and relationships workshop Glenda delivers in group sessions. Using outlines of the mindfulness tools (5As of Mindful Loving and the 5 Mindsets of Ego) and drawing a conscious intention around your relating, will mean you can hone your meditation practice towards a more rich and integral experience of relationship.

Speaking Engagements

Price on application Offered at clubs, assemblies, and evening events, outlining the common sense approach to self-care via mindfulness and meditation. Includes an outline of what practices are and how they help the brain wire towards a healthy, happy living experience.

Organisations and Corporations

Price on application Workshop models and work with specific employees. Glenda will facilitate training for groups as small as 5 people to hundreds of employees. Leadership and life balance work for executives and managerial staff. See testimonials for further outlines.

Are you are Mindfulness Teacher?

$100 per session of Supervision, Mentoring or Professional Development for those engaged in teaching mindfulness practices to children, the general public or in workshops.