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Respond is the new React

More deliveries of ‘Mindfulness 2.0’ are drawing to a close next week.

The bond that forms between us, as we deepen into the wellness components (Safety, Satisfaction and Connection) is palpable now.

I’m blessed to have been able to write this work and doubly so, when delivering the workshops.

More and more often, I’m referencing the work in my book, as people find their depth of clarity reveals choices. As they observe themselves ‘Responding’ to life rather than being dragged along the riggers of reaction. Or as I have termed it : accessing their powers of Respons-ABILITY.

This ability to respond that is the outcome of our practice; the outcome of our gained equanimity; the path to less stress… Rivals it’s root word Responsibility. Removing the ‘I’ that is the ego in each of us and kindly replacing it, with an ‘A’ for awakening.

May your weekend be full of choices, and your practice support your acts.


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