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Asked by my Sangha to contemplate a Gatha (little saying that will assist in being mindful through out the day) I chose to use the following:

Inviting the bell to sound.

'Body, speech, and mind held in perfect oneness, I send my heart along with the sound of the bell.  May the hearers awaken from forgetfulness and transcend all anxiety and sorrow.'

Although this is not audible - here is my toned bell ...

Noting my posture, my speech and my thoughts I offer that this moment be one from my heart to yours. That in my practice of mindfulness, your experience is comforted.  That in our oneness, my noticing my part in our shared experience, will alleviate your anxiety and sorrow.

If I truly practice I know that I can make a difference to my own experience.  

If I truly apply presence I can reach in and see there is no 'knower', no 'thought' - just a unified experience of Love and Fear.

Speaking mindfully will be my practice for today.


Glenda Irwin