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Mindfulness changes our relationship with our 'issue'

It was Carl Rogers (American Psychologist) who said something along the lines of:  'The issue is how we react to the issue...'

In working with mindfulness practice as a opening to our life struggles, gaining awareness as to our own part in our struggles means observing which of the 'unwholesome factors' of perception we are bringing to our problems.

'Am I clinging to something that is adding to this pain?'  'Am I averse to something that is adding to this pain?'  'Am I deluded and running in circles rather than seeing the issue with clarity.'

When a client and I see clearly the grabbing, repealing or circling behaviours that are THE REAL ISSUE, the element that was 'my part or 'my second arrow of pain' is stopped in its tracks.

It's impossible to be 'unwholesome' when you are aware.

The very nature of noticing means we are, in that moment, not caught in the fog of obsession.

Mindfulness can not be 'unwholesome'.  There, we can not be needy, angry nor duped.

So when a client asks me - 'well how to I fix this element of grasping, resistance or deception that I am viewing my 'problem' through?'   I reply: you are your awareness not your grasping, aversion nor delusion. When mindfulness is applied there is no 'second arrow'.   In the moments of presence there is the break in the chain of events. 

Break a chain often enough; it will be too weak to bind you.



Glenda Irwin