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Mindfulness & Relationships lean on equanimity

Hello again

Last Saturday I delivered Mindfulness & Relationships workshop, of which I wrote for Mindfulness Works. It’s always a delight to offer this material. Though I have to admit, the workshop is counter-intuitive, as is often the case for participants at mindfulness courses.

‘The 5As of Mindful Loving’ & ‘The 5 Mindsets of Ego’. These principles, by which we assess our relating, rest in the observation of not just our values around relating but rather, the values of living full juicy lives. ‘Mindfulness & Relationships 3hr workshop’ is 3hrs of looking deeply within. What is it I value? On what scale do I give, what it is I want to gain?

In this roll out of the workshop I met a delightful couple who hadn’t practiced mindfulness at all. What lovelier way to reveal what ‘observing’, ‘spaciousness’, ‘equanimity’ and Respons-ABILITY; does for us individually and as a couple. I found myself giving an elevator pitch for what mindfulness is. And still further “what is meditation?” Other participants seemed happy to have a recap on the outlines of neuroscience and one-pointed concentration. People are so kind .. truly, it always strikes me, the generosity of people, during these longer workshops.

I came away from the workshop enlivened. Thinking of other people I have missed seeing at my workshops this month (Karlene!) and wanting to connect with them and others on a path of authentic living.

Look out for the next Mindfulness & Relationships workshop with Mindfulness Works - September 7th 2019. If the link isn’t up yet, email me or pop it in your diary.

Here is an inspiring piece from ‘The Daily Good’ today - equanimity… what could be better for relating mindfully than an even mind set…

Glenda Irwin