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'Mindfulness 2.0'

Mindfulness Works Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation…needed a follow on course.

I have been delighted to author this new course and am over joyed by its successes to date.

‘Mindfulness 2.0’

In this second level course work there are further outlines on how to practice mindfulness for better well-being and gain experiential appreication of the benefits of practicing mindfulness practice.

I have studied under many teachers of mindfulness (secular and otherwise) for years. I guess you can say it is my hobby as much as my work - to read the wisdoms of great teachers, to do online trainings, to go on retreats and meditate. Although I continue to grow and change my practices, aligned to the journey of life and the needs each new day brings, I do have some foundational practice that I have offered in ‘Mindfulness 2.0’. One of these is to note my INTENTION.

We do so much from a point of unconscious choice. Autopilot (the cousin of multi- tasking) has become a byway to Action Addiction (where we are committed to our busyness without clarity as to why we are busy!) Business strategists, T.H. Davenport and J. C. Beck, have named the shortage of attention, as the real danger to business efficiency, in their theory known as ‘The Attention Economy’. The premise of this is that where once we were low on information, we now have too little attention with which to consume the information available. From a mindful perspective, the best way to hone my attention, is to name what it is I intend for it to focus upon…

In writing Mindfulness 2.0 I committed to naming my intention as a starting point of my daily practice. There has been a myriad of benefits from this practice. One very pleasant outcome is the deliberate nature of the passing days, into weeks, and then months… Dare I say it, that the ‘time flies’ has been put paid to!?

With a conscious perspective on my intention, over these past 18 months in particular, the days have individual purpose (not always achieved, but clearly noted).

I’m thankful and can say I’ve experienced, what Psychologists tell us purpose does for us, giving us a pathway to well-being despite the complex and fast moving world in which we live. The noting of my intention (and subsequent naming of purpose) has supported a sense of achievement during these months of practice. It feels as if the days begin with a meaning and, come the end of the day, offer a source of reflection.

Intention is just one part of what Mindfulness 2.0 offers.

We listened to the feedback from the thousands of people who took part in the Intro course and noted that outside of parenting and work issues, people wanted to apply mindfulness practices to ‘relationships’ (this encapsulated the former) and ‘to feeling happier.’

Hence the 3rd and 4th week lessons were specifically written to those needs. These two workshops were so successful, we decided I should work them up to 3hr workshops. Mindfulness Works ~ ‘Mindfulness and Relationships’ 3hr workshop has been running as a result of this decision since 2017, its always full and has a really great outcome of bonded, inclusive group mindfulness practice. I enjoy delivering this workshop a great deal.

I’m deeply grateful to Karl Baker of Mindfulness Works for giving me this platform from which to offer my teaching. I’ve trained a handful of other facilitators in the courses now, and so it has begun to roll out in other locations within NZ and Australia.

Meantime, I will offer ‘Mindfulness 2.0’ at the Auckland CBD location starting May 22nd and at the Pakuranga (East Auckland) location - Te Tuhi Arts Centre, on four consecutive Wednesdays starting May 23rd 2019.

Come back to practice ~ I’ll be delighted to teach what it is I know will assist you in your INTENTION.


Glenda Irwin