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Awareness is not acceptance, but acceptance IS a portal to awareness.

I'm aware, in this moment - of my newness. I've never blogged before... Nice to have another first at 50+...

In writing copy for the website, the above sentence manifested: 'Awareness is not acceptance, but acceptance IS a portal to awareness.'

Acceptance as a healer. 

AND its abhorrent without mindfulness practice.  I too experience resistance to being told to 'suck it up.'  I often choose other vocabulary rather than 'resilience', which still has a gnawing inference of 'toughen up' from somewhere in my past lexicon.  

Over the years, using the practice, I discovered acceptance of this moment offered my, less than resilient mind, a portal to clarity.  That in opening to the moment's struggle my clarity revealed all manner of co-existing experiences. Most importantly, I found out for myself that it's not any particular event that I'm noticing/accepting that is causing my distress, but rather its the meaning my brain attributes to that event or some habitual reaction, that causes me suffering.

I can't (won't) fix 'me'; but I'm determined to use whatever I have in my power to be aware of the 'me' that 'I' judges! 

Acceptance is the door to that clarity.

One I've learned to leave a jar... 

Glenda Irwin