As a senior facilitator, facilitator trainer/supervisor and author for Mindfulness Works (NZ and Australia) Glenda has guided thousands of mindfulness and meditation sessions.  Her ‘experience based’ approach to revealing the benefits of mindfulness, is supported in the literally hundreds of positive feedbacks received during her 10 years of mindfulness teaching.



Glenda began her devotion to training others by teaching children mindfulness practices. She was among the first in New Zealand to do this and trained to do so with the American expert for children’s mindfulness practices: Amy Saltzman. Her work with the Gifted Children’s Association was some of the first teachings of mindfulness for children in New Zealand.

She went on to write many models of lessons that were for school use and concluded her major emphasis on mindfulness for young by writing a therapy model she entitled ‘Jasmine & the Silent Student’ whereby she sees a child with their significant carer. In this model the adult is silent and the child’s experience governs the lesson emphasis.

Glenda is most proud however, of the efforts and commitment her participants adopt at her request. She is often heard saying “Who did this? You did this!” believing the power of the participants intentional choosing to note positive outcomes, is a much under appreciated mindfulness technique.

Most of Glenda’s tuition in the past 5 years has centred on her delivering public workshop courses for adults, alongside her one to one therapy clients. She is a public speaker and a facilitator of corporate courses in mindful communication and leadership.

It's estimated Glenda has facilitated thousands of mindfulness tuition session. Her consultancy focus is seated in ACT where individuals use mindfulness to observe their life experience, accept the present moment and commit to alignment with their current values. Glenda is keenly interested in the work of Rick Hanson PhD. and so skilfully includes neuro science with emphasis on noticing formerly disregarded incidences of joy.