The Mindful Coloring Book For Kids

The Mindful Coloring Book For Kids


‘I have to admit to feeling that the Adult Colouring-In craze that occurred some time back was a missed opportunity. What if we had all used that new hobby to include ourselves in some ‘relaxation time’ alongside our children!’

This little colouring book is meant as a conscious activity for children to use when they become overwhelmed or ‘bored’. Offer the Mindfulness Practice Colouring Book for Kids with a purposeful intent, i.e. to centre and still the child in play. Inquire as to how they feel about the colours they choose; what it feels like to see the picture as ‘perfect’ or ‘practice’. This is an opportunity to show a child they can reflect as they play and that time spent colouring is also fun ‘technology free’ play. Even better, get out your own Colouring Book and pull up alongside your child in mindful concentration and creativity.

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