'Mindfulness 2.0' The Official Follow-up Course

Mindfulness Works


Author and Senior Facilitator of ‘Mindfulness 2.0’ (the official follow-up course) for Mindfulness Works

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In 2016 I began the writing of Mindfulness Works second level course.

The course is intended to address the needs of those who have done the ‘Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation’ (first course) by Mindfulness Works.

People wanted a further course; we found their needs included a way to find disciplines to practice, and generally to return to practicing, after the Intro was completed.

One of the great benefits of ‘Mindfulness 2.0’ is that this is acknowledged and here you are supported by the skilled facilitation of a Mindfulness Works teacher, and the support of peers who have also completed the first course.

To date, the course is available in a limited amount of locations across NZ and Australia. This is something that will change with time.

‘Mindfulness 2.0’ offers new foundation practices (meditations and informal mindfulness techniques) aimed at enabling people to return to their practice and to embed mindfulness in their daily lives.

Attending ‘Mindfulness 2.0’ will freshen your practice, and give you confidence to explore more fully, how mindfulness can become a daily support mechanism.


‘Mindfulness 2.0’ was written with reflection upon the work of Dr Rick Hanson (US psychologist and relationships therapist) whose work in Positive Neuroplasticity, inspired me to ground the course in the ‘3 Components of Human Well-being’: namely, that we must achieve Safety, Satisfaction and Connection, in order to thrive.

To anchor the material in some foundation practices again (such as those that were given in the Intro course) the first workshop of ‘Mindfulness 2.0’ addresses Focus and Awareness.

My own practice of mindfulness leans strongly on conscious Intention and the benefits of Equanimity, hence workshop two.

Thereafter, the feedback from those who had attended the first years of my delivering the Intro (2014 onward) guided me in writing the third and fourth workshops to apply practices within relating, and in moving towards a deeper understanding of what happiness is/ how to increase their contentment with life.

Its been a privilege and a journey of growth to write and deliver ‘Mindfulness 2.0’ for Mindfulness Works and all that attend the course.

Go to the above link, search for a delivery in the Auckland CBD or Pakuranga venues, to attend my next delivery, of this ‘official follow-up’ course in mindfulness practice by Mindfulness Works.