3hr Mindfulness & Relationships

Mindfulness Works

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The ‘3hr Workshop Mindfulness & Relationships’ for Mindfulness Works

Once I’d written and delivered ‘Mindfulness 2.0’ (the official follow-up course for Mindfulness Works) it was agreed, people wanted more help with being mindful of their part in relating. So I extended that lesson and we developed the Mindfulness Works 3hr Mindfulness & Relationships workshop.

This workshop has been highly successful. It fills quickly so follow the link to ensure you find a place for yourself to reflect upon. I acknowledge the work of David Richo, in the foundations of this course work.

  • The 5As of Mindful Relating

  • The 5 Mindsets of Ego

  • To begin your own ‘Conscious Relationship Vision’

Thereafter, you are welcome to attend 1:1 sessions within my private consultancy to enhance your glimpses of personal awareness regards your part in creating affirming, healthy connections with others.